BUPA – Best pet products 2016

Miyow and Barkley is delighted to announce that our company has been included by Bupa Pet Insurance on their list of ‘2016 Best Pet Products ’, recognising our commitment to putting style and comfort first when it comes to dressing your pets. The article lists Australia’s premier pet products and ranks them according to category: fashion, beds, eco-products and accessories.

Our dedication to classic design caught the attention of Bupa, who named our vintage-style knitwear as the most dignified look for pets in the fashion category. The article commends our designs for not succumbing to pet fashion “faux-paws.” Bupa raved about Miyow and Barkley’s range which eschews the frills and glitter that are all too familiar features in most pet fashion houses.

The brains behind the brand, Traci Griffiths, knows what she’s doing when it comes to fashion, having spent years as a model, developing a keen sense of what constitutes time-tested style. She’s developed a brand that proves that vintage isn’t only suited to people; it’s also for our pets, who deserve to look as trendy as we do.

Our knitted sweaters and singlets, available in pastels, dark colours, and stripes and featuring refined but subtle details, such as Nordic patterns, knitted cabling, small flowers or a simple dog-bone decoration, come in sizes suitable for any dog or cat.

At Miyow and Barkley we also believe that you don’t need to limit your pet’s wardrobe only to jackets, which is why we also sell a range of adorable dresses, shoes, and shirts that will give your best furry friend a huge boost of style.

“The vintage-style items are not only on trend, but also comfortable with a selection of waterproof and warm 100% wool coats, perfect for any pet allergic to synthetic materials,” raves the article.

Our range of clothing in natural materials, mean any animals who may be allergic to synthetic materials, don’t have to compromise on style. With winter fast approaching, it’s time to revisit your pet’s wardrobe. Besides wool outerwear, we also offer top-of-the-line waterproof raincoats for cats and dogs, available with sleeves or without. Regardless of what type of weather you and your pet will face together, you can be sure that your pet always looks as classy as you do.

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