m&b PetCare Foundation

Helping charities that create the biggest impact on the welfare of all animals.

At M&B PetCare Foundation, our mission is to improve animal welfare, by supporting charities, sanctuaries and shelters. To create the greatest impact, animal/pet charities will be selected on how efficient and compassionate they are and their immediate needs.

A disturbing trend with charities today is how inefficiently funds are spent and how little of the money raised goes to the actual care and wellbeing of our furry friends. M&B PetCare Foundation pledges to be fully transparent and accountable for all funds received by the foundation. All donations and expenses will be displayed every quarter on a public ledger.

M&B PetCare Foundation receives generous funds from LOOTaDOG. LOOTaDOG is a walk-to-own app, focused on improving animal welfare. As part of the vision and PLEDGE TO HELP ANIMALS IN NEED, 10% of all walk-to-own rewards earned by LOOTaDOG users is automatically donated to M&B PetCare Foundation. LOOTaDOG Users or other donors can also choose to give a personal donation directly to M&B PetCare Foundation. 

M&B PetCare Foundation will focus mainly on the following areas:

  • Buying animal supplies
  • Paying for necessary medical services or equipment
  • Finding new homes for animals 
  • Building an animal service centre for the pet community

M&B PetCare Foundation is run by Traci Griffiths, the owner & Director of miyow & barkley. Consistently throughout Traci’s adult life volunteering or raising funds for animal welfare groups has been a personal commitment.

Traci is also:

Check out her very own furbabies here

The first charity we would like to direct funds to is Villa Kitty Foundation. In the interim, we have also started a GoFundMe page, as they are currently in desperate need of help.

“I have personally volunteered at this beautiful sanctuary and have witnessed first hand how much they care for these cats & kittens like they are their own. They are all named and the staff know each and every one of them. It is a busy, colourful and ordered sanctuary where the disadvantaged FELINE, and yes, CANINE as well, residents are honoured, treated, loved and ultimately adopted.” Traci X

You can view videos of Traci and her partner, Dr Charlie Teo, soaking up all the love during our visits earlier this year.Video 1 Video 2

Paw this LINK to see how you can help us help them.

Thank you in advance to all our animal loving friends that want to make a difference in lives of those who have no voice.